Machinery Details :

  Sublimation Digital Printing (EPSON, MIMACKI)
- 6 Nos
   Fusing Machines for Sublimation Printing
 32" x 40"    
- 1 No.
30" x 40"    
- 1 No.
24" x 30"    
- 2 Nos.
16" x 24"    
- 1 No.

Design Services :

       Your ideas, our design: a perfect combination. Let us help you find just the right look and feel for your next sublimation print piece. We are experts at creating designs that enhance your message and leave a lasting impression on your target customer. Contact us today and put our design team to work for you! Cons in sublimation printing: Color consistency cannot be expected in sublimation printing as the colors tend to change with temperature variations in the Fusing or Heat transfer machine. Exact matching of Spot color or Pantone Color reproduction is also not possible. 10% to 15% variations is unavoidable. The more the content of polyester, the better the result in sublimation printing. Sublimation is possible only on white fabric.

Pros in sublimation printing :

for touch insensible printing
extremely resistant to abrasion and chemical substances
low weight and high fastness of used materials
absolutely square lines and edges of the printing, continuous tone without screen
brilliant transmission of the colors thanks to the optical characteristics of the polymers, without
light reflection  
the products could be washed and dry-cleaned
ecologically and healthy without harmful substances
functional characteristics special surface and in-dept lay-out (rainproof, watertight, nonstaining, fireproof)
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